my hood. old 4th ward neighborhood map.

On May 1, The Burger Coalition will launch. 

Each month, we’re going to open up a form on the site that allows for 5 people to RSVP for a seat at that month’s burger spot. The dinner is going to be built around fostering a dialogue amongst folks that may not know each other and creating a network of people that enjoy good food and conversation. We then plan on aggregating thoughts and ideas experienced and sharing them on our site. (and we’ll have an ever-growing guestbook of the coolest people in Atlanta)

This project is going to launch concurrently in Birmingham and Atlanta in May. It would be great if you all could help me spread the word. The website is: http://theburgercoalition.com and the twitterererer is:http://twitter.com/burgercoalition (please follow for announcements and such) 



I’m making a documentary with two friends. Check out our kickstarter and please please donate: http://kck.st/yGr8De


Is there Something in Particular that makes the South a great place to create? We think there is. To prove it we are visiting 13 cities across the region in 30 days, chronicling and creating an online resource highlighting the people and places driving a resurgence in Southern creativity.

The future


I began concepting the 12 fifty two project over 1 year ago. Then things were a bit easier. I was 6 months in to Cardinal & Company, home for Christmas and just wrapping up my 365 Initiative. I wanted to do something to keep me busy creatively after just committing an entire year to creation. Little did I know that 1 month after 12 fifty two began, TripLingo was founded. I found myself in a balance where Cardinal took precedence during the day and TripLingo became my night gig. This left little room for personal projects. Still, I pressed on. I sacrificed sleep in order to create and pursue projects that truly interested me. 

But, as time progressed, my babies (Cardinal & TripLingo) began to grow and needed more time from me. Daddy had to focus on those and slowly the 12 fifty two project faded to the background. Even when, sadly, Cardinal left the nest this past July, I had to compensate with freelance in order to maintain the ability to pay rent and eat. 

But, fear not little 12 fifty two, because I haven’t forgotten about you. I’ve spent the last couple months thinking about how I can carry on the projects that I began a year ago. And my solution is: 

To do them. I’m going to continue these projects without a limit on time in which they all must be completed. But rather, a limit of time in which I pursue each. For example, one of my projects is called The Clock Project. Rather than think that I have the entire year to work on this, I’m going to define a deadline for it. I’ll treat it as a real-world project, with milestones that must be met. This will allow me to work a little bit on my own things, even though TripLingo, Freelance & other great projects will be happening concurrently. 

So, please continue to watch everything unfold. And, please leave feedback on projects as they progress. Thank you so much. 

a little sneak peak at the upcoming American Spirit Whiskey site. 


Fuck, the past two months have been insane. I’m focused, now. 


I designed a calendar! In collaboration with my buddy Jesse Phillips, we’ve created a calendar that allows you to see the entire year at once, easily plan things across months, and check off/rate specific weeks. It’s actually two calendars in one, too! Just flip it between horizontal and vertical layouts. 

Please share and support if you like it! http://kck.st/nfXx8c

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